The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Society

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PRAYER To The Blessed Virgin of Mt. Carmel:

Most blessed and immaculate Virgin,
ornament and splendor of Mount Carmel,
thou who regardest with particular goodness
those who wear thy scapular, benignly
look upon me also, and cover me with the
mantle of thy maternal protection.  Fortify
my weakness with thy strength, illuminate
the darkness of my mind with thy wisdom,
increase Faith, Hope and Charity within me,
adorn my soul with such graces and virtues
that it may be always precious to thee and
thy divine Son; assist me in life, console me
at the hour of death with thy most loving
presence and present me to the most august
Trinity as thy son and devout servant, to
eternally praise and bless thee in heaven.
Hail Mary, thrice; Glory, once.
(200 days indulgence, once a day).

President - Louis J. Pantalone
Vice Pres. - Frank Italiano
Treasurer - David DeStefano
Secretary - David Pantalone
Assist. Sec. - Anthony Jacobs
Censor - Kevin Tomasello
Chaplain - Fr. Joseph Capella

Board of Directors:
George Campanella
John Leahey
Dave Longo
Sam Mascioli
Joe Monzo
Lou Pantalone Sr.

Anthony Angelow
Horace Angelow
Joe Brigandi
Anthony Capella Sr.
Paul Capella
Jerry Daunoras
Alex DeSilvio
Joe DeVuono
Matt Doelling
Bill Eppler
Rocco B. Fichetola
Rocco Fucetola Sr.
Rocco Fucetola Jr.
Anthony Giacobbe
Nunce Gregori
Jim Haines
Mark Krason

Dave Longo Jr.
Larry Longo
Bill Monzo
Eric Monzo
Jim Mucci
Matt Mull
Randy Ordille
Louis Pantalone Jr.
Anthony Ritz
Brian Ritz
Scott Rivera
John Smith
Anthony Tomasello
Brian Tomasello
Ken Tomasello
Ron Virgilio
Ron R. Virgilio
John Zucconi Jr.

The deceased members of the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Society.
Every member is like a brother.  We have learned the values that are necessary to perpetuate
the feast from the members before us.  Their memories will always live on in our heart

D. Tanzola, B. Pizzi, S. De Feo, F. DiGiacomo, J. Pizzi, G. Amuto, A. Dracalello, A. Vassallo, Q. Sana, B. Crescenzo, F. Squillace, C. Vuotto, G. Ruberton, P. Carngo, G. Ovile, C.Tomasco, F. Campanella, B. Fogletto, M. Apalucci, S. Calabrese, D. Campanella, C. Cataldo, A. Capelli, J. Clementi, M. Campanella, G. Calasurdo, A. Calasurdo, N. Cashan, D. Caruso, J. Dani, M. DiFrancesco, S. Donio, S. D'Agostino, S. DeStefano, D. Fanelli, D. Giordano, T. Grasso, D. Joseph, J. Jacobs, P. Jacobs, N. Juliano, L. Juliano, A. Lupo, P. Luca, J. Lucca, J.Landolino, D. Longo, G. Moscarelli, J. Ordille, P. Persico, E. Persico, G. Pinto, L Pantalone, F. Ruggero, G. Ruggero, F. Rescigno, A. Scapocchia, S. Santelli, L. Vuotto, H. Virgilio, S. Virgilio, F. Jacobs, J. Tomasello, F. Piscetelli, J. Berenato, F. Fiore, L. Tomasello, J. Gelona, J. Cavuto, A.Jacobs, D. DeFrancisco, F. Fogletto, V. Pizzi, A. Ingemi, F. Italiano, P.Gregori Jr., L. Longo, R. Fucetola, C. Pantalone, R. Fichetola,  C. DeStefano, P. Codone, D. Cavuto, E. Osciak, J. Zucconi, J. Owens, A. Tomasello, M Simonetti
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