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History of the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Society

It all began in 1875 at 232 Pine Road, at the home of Antonio Capelli.  There, he, along with a small group of fellow immigrants, prayed in front of a painting of the Virgin Mary.  They also formed a procession in front of the home.  They prayed in thanks--- for their safe journey to America, for a successful farming season, and for the blessings and good fortune found in their new home of Hammonton.

The Feast, as did the Town itself, grew very quickly.  This, in large part, due to the large influx of Italian immigrants to the area.  By 1886, the Feast was moved to the Hammonton Lake Park.  St. Joseph Church--- the first Catholic Church to be built in Hammonton, became a focal point for the celebration.  In 1905, the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Society was chartered as an independent organization.  It remains as such today, with its membership encompassing members of all three parish churches in Hammonton.  In 1955, the Society built their meeting hall at the present location on Tilton St. Several years ago, the portion of Tilton Street where the hall stands was renamed Mt. Carmel Lane in honor of the Feast and the Society.

The Festival continues to this day, as always, centered around the procession on the Feast day of July 16th.  Masses are held all day.

Our Founders

A. Capelli
E. Persico
L. Vuotto

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